How it Works



The new regulations and Transport Canada exams are broken into sections; so is our training. You can purchase just the sections you need, or bundle them all together for savings. Each section has interactive training modules and tests throughout that cover all of the information needed to pass the Transport Canada exams.


Our instructional design team uses evidence-based methodology to build courses that are proven effective; but the best part is — our courses are still fun. Our instructors and designers worked together to build incredible interactive learning activities that engage the learner and build skills.


Everyone at operations here at PreFlyy flies! Be it manned aircraft or drones, we have a depth of experience that we want to share. We have Transport Canada flight reviewers across the country to complete your flight review in person and get your certification from Transport Canada. Whether you have trained with us or not, we are ready to work with you to get you flying safe. Register here with your desired location and we will set things up.

Why Us

We built our business around training professionals to carry out demanding tasks. We work with paramedics, law enforcement, fire departments and pilots. We know that the style of training required to carry out hands-on missions is not the same as simply being able to repeat facts. Our training ensures that lessons are learned and information is absorbed.

To allow us to build our training programs, we collaborate with RPAS industry experts, industry bodies, operational staff and end clients, as well as regulators. This is how you know your PreFlyy training will build the skills you need to grow your career


Work online at your own pace! Select the sections you need, and when you are ready, take the Transport Canada online test. If you need to top up your knowledge in any sections, simply select them from the PreFlyy menu and we will help you prepare. Once you have completed your advanced operator test, we will be ready to review your flight skills as well and get you flying safe and legally.

We don’t stop there; we can work with you on more advanced training, even beyond flight regulations and training into building your related skills in data processing, image capture, rapid response and more. We have built a community within the industry that members know they can call upon for advice and assistance. Good airmanship starts with respect for your fellow pilots.

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